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Mike Gets Things Done

For Our Schools

For Our Community

For the Environment

State Assembly Legislative Record:

2023-2024 Authored Bills Signed into Law


2023-2024 Authored Amendments to Bills Signed into Law

  • Amendment AA1-AB265 (in part), which requires the new Main Street Housing Rehabilitation Revolving Loan Fund and Loan Program to include funding for remediation of lead paint, asbestos, and mold

  • Amendment AA1-AB267 (in part), which requires WHEDA to ensure that properties receiving loans awarded for housing rehabilitation remediate paint, asbestos, mold, and other internal environmental contamination

  • Amendment AA1-AB268 (in part), which requires WHEDA to ensure that properties receiving loans awarded in its commercial-to-housing conversion revolving loan program remediate paint, asbestos, mold, and other internal environmental contamination


2023-2024 Session Authored Proposals

  • 2023 Senate Bill 1098, which requires insurance policies to cover voluntary sterilization procedures and patient education and counseling about permanent contraception.

  • 2023 Senate Bill 1099, which requires insurance policies to cover over-the-counter tests for sexually transmitted diseases

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 1182, which would provide grants to counties that match county investments in the wellness of the health care, public health, and care provider workforce

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 1170, which would create WisEARNS, a secure retirement savings program for all Wisconsinites

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 1123, which would provide grants to fine arts teachers for mentorship and professional development

  • 2023 Senate Joint Resolution 105, which would recognize February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 1006, which would prohibit abusive work environments and create a legal route for victims

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 877, which would allow local government to control the cost of rent and create a process for local governments to require that more affordable housing to be built in housing developments

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 858, which would allow local health officers to better control communicable disease

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 605, which would automatically register all Wisconsinites to vote

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 558, which would identify the Mount Horeb Veterans Memorial on state highway maps

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 471, which would increase the earned income tax credit for working families

  • 2023 Assembly Bill 458, which would increase the Homestead Tax Credit for low-income renters and homeowners, especially seniors


2023-2024 Session Authored Amendments

  • 2023 ASA1-AB689, which would have removed Republican efforts to criminalize homelessness and divest in housing programs and instead funded evidence-based housing security and homelessness prevention programming

  • 2023 AA1-AB266, which amended a Republican bill that changed the zoning process used by local governments to also revamp local zoning substance to allow for rent control and inclusionary zoning


Dane County Board Service Accomplishments:

Mike was elected to serve four years representing the City and Town of Verona on the Dane County Board. Mike served on the Personnel and Finance Committee, and the Board of the Aging and Disability Resource Center, and the Commission that oversees the Dane County Housing Authority. He previously served on the Health and Human Needs Committee. While serving on the Dane County Board, Mike:

  • Authored a resolution to create the County’s eviction defense program, which ensures that anyone facing an eviction in Dane County has access to legal counsel.

  • Authored a resolution requiring that the County’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act funds be allocated responsibly and in a way that is directly responsive to the pandemic, and later reported on to the County Board after being spent.

  • Authored a resolution to increase the County's investment in the Double Dollars Program, which helps FOODSHARE members double the value of their benefits when shopping at farmers' markets and certain grocery stores.

  • Successfully amended the new jail plan to concretely investigate how to safely reduce the jail population by using alternatives to incarceration and other justice reforms.

  • Sponsored a resolution for the County to purchase land where the Sugar River and Badger Mill Creek meet and preserve it as a park.

  • Sponsored a resolution to restore a COVID-19 leave benefit for workers at the County’s Badger Prairie Health Center who had been unfairly excluded from the benefit despite doing vital work during the pandemic.

  • Helped secure County funding for student mental health needs in several school districts, including Middleton, Verona, Belleville, Oregon, and Mount Horeb.

  • Supported funding for the restoration of the Ice Age Trail after completion of a sewer project in Verona.

  • Supported efforts to help make County Parks accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Supported the creation of the County’s Broadband Access Task Force, and funding that it seeks.

  • Helped the Dane County Housing Authority secure $3 million in county funding to improve the quality of its housing units and allow for future investments in more affordable housing.

  • Helped a Verona business access a trade zone to be able to export its products across the globe.


City of Verona Service Accomplishments

Mike is a former Alder on the Verona City Council, and also served on the City’s Plan Commission, and Parks, Recreation & Forestry Commission. While serving the City of Verona, Mike:

  • Led the Verona Parks and Recreation Commission when the City designed and opened its new splash pad at Fireman’s Park and Beach.

  • Amended the City’s plan to move up the timeline for the development of Cathedral Point Park and advocated for more land to be dedicated to community parks in every development the City Council and Plan Commission considered.

  • Fought tirelessly for the security of Verona firefighters’ jobs when the City and Town closed their joint fire district.

  • Supported responsible City growth as a member of the Verona Plan Commission, including an expansion of senior living options, and affordable housing development.

  • Voted for a new Downtown Verona development plan that has beautified the City and helped local businesses grow.

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