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Mike Bare in the News

Evers signs child care tax credit hike, urges more action on child care support 3/4/2024

Legislative opinion: Rep. Bare statement on homelessness legislation 2/23/2024

Article: Bare announces reelection campaign for the 80th State Assembly District 2/22/2024

Republicans pass restrictions on where homeless people can camp 2/21/2024
Paired incumbents weigh political futures under Gov. Tony Evers' maps 

Assembly passes latest Republican tax package with few Democrats’ votes 2/14/2024

Opinion: Instead of celebrating 51 years, we're mourning the loss of Roe 1/24/2024 

GOP bill would withhold funds to fight homelessness, criminalize living on public property 1/10/2024

Wisconsin has a school bus driver shortage. How a bipartisan fix made it into law 10/11/2023

Legislators introduce automatic voter registration bill 10/5/2023

Child care funding remains dead after Republicans reject special session call 9/21/2023

Rep. Bare, Sen. Roys introduce legislation for EITC increase 9/10/2023

Bare resigns from Dane County Board of Supervisors 8/23/2023

Legislative opinion: Rep. Bare comments on challenges to district maps 8/4/2023

Workers can now get reimbursed for out of state abortion travel expenses

Bare Opinion: Medicare and Medicaid anniversary marred by GOP intransigence Jul 30, 2023

New policy will reimburse Dane County employees who travel for abortions 7/25/2023

Assembly passes amended shared revenue bill 6/22/2023

Legislative opinion: Rep. Bare comments on Assembly local government funding plan 6/20/2023

Dane County becomes transgender 'sanctuary' despite opposition Jun 16, 2023

Proposals aimed at addressing Wisconsin’s housing shortage pass out of state Legislature 6/14/2023

Rep. Bare votes against GOP Assembly proposal on local government funding 5/25/2023

Badger Mill Creek: Letters and resolutions to keep the flow 4/27/2023

Committee hears presentations regarding Badger Mill Creek 4/6/2023

Bare: Vote Janet for Supreme Court 3/17/2023

Legislative opinion: Legislative opinion: Bare comments on the Governor’s State of the State address 1/31/2023

Dane County budget includes over $600,000 to support medical workforce 11/25/2022

Assembly District 80 candidate questionnaire 10/27/2022

Bare: Vote progressive Mike Bare for Assembly 8/4/2022

Letter: Endorsing Bare for 80th Assembly District Jul 26, 2022

Letter: Support for Bare for 80th Assembly Jul 26, 2022
Letter: Support Mike Bare for State Assembly 
Jul 26, 2022

Letter: Support Mike Bare in the 80th Assembly District 7/22/2022

Letter: Urging Town of Oregon Voters to Support Mike Bare for Assembly 7/22/2022

Letter: Support Mike Bare in the 80th Assembly District 7/22/2022

Letter: Mike Bare’s Progressivism Is Desperately Needed in State Assembly 7/22/2022

Letter: Vote for Mike Bare 7/22/2022

Letter: Mike Bare's Experience with Feingold Sets Him Apart 7/22/2022

WORT FM Interview: Meet Mike Bare: Candidate For Assembly District 80 7/20/2022

Letter: Endorsing Mike Bare for State Assembly 7/14/2022

Bare: Let's not give up on progress 7/14/2022

Letter: Bare is who we need in the State Assembly 7/14/2022

Dane County Supervisor Mike Bare announces candidacy for State Assembly 4/25/2022

Candidate Profile: Mike Bare 3/28/2022

Bare: We must do more than saying Black Lives Matter 7/28/2020

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